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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of optimizing a website in relation to chosen keywords or search queries in order for that website to rank as high as possible in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

The fact that organic traffic represents 85% of search traffic means that SEO should always be a main part of your digital marketing strategy. SEO Malaysia will help you get some tremendous amount of visitors!

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LOCAL SEO - A Proven Digital Marketing Agency In Malaysia

If you want to rank higher, all you need to do is just call us. Let our SEO experts analyze your website. With over 15 years of experience, SEO Bangkok delivers premium SEO services that truly work! Rank locally or internationally, we do it all and we do it the best in Malaysia

We can make it happen for your business. Having an amazing web design and great content is only half of the battle. No matter how great your website is, there will be zero ROI (Return on Investment) if it won’t show up on search engines such as Google.

Our SEO Strategy & SEO Process

Our SEO Malaysia campaign will help your website ranks higher in Google's SERP and increase your organic traffic.


We begin with a thru web optimization audit of your website, then we analyze your goal audience, and conclude with the aid of checking what your opponents are up to.


Having concluded our analysis, we estimate the scope of work that needs to done, and then choose the right strategy to implement so you can quickly reach your goals.

Business Growth

Finally we implement our chosen strategy, which usually includes site and content optimization, link building, and so on, and this results to the growth of your business.

Enhance Your Web Traffic Sales and Revenue

It’s the keywords that people use on search engines that are going to lead them to your website.

Therefore, just like hunting is understanding the psychology of the prey to catch it successfully, the job of optimizing a website for search engines is to understand what a target audience is looking for.

If you are ranked 1st place on certain keywords search results, congrats, you’ll get 20% of your audience’s clicks. Ranked 2nd or 3rd, approximately 13% of their clicks… On and on until being buried in the second page of a search result. Do you remember the last time you checked a Google search 2nd page ?… Right, we neither.

Enhance your Search Engine Visibility, Visitor Traffic and Sales Figure
Give you competitors a run for their money through some robust marketing techniques.

Our SEO Services

Our SEO Malaysia campaign will help your website ranks higher in Google's SERP and increase your organic traffic.

International SEO

We also offer international SEO services for businesses from outside Malaysia. We will help you to optimize your website in getting a spot on Google search results, Bing and other major search engines.

Ecommerce SEO

Our Ecommerce SEO Services include analyzing the competitors' top keywords, optimize products and product images for ranking higher in organic search engine results and enhancing your brand authority by getting you more page views.

Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

We have a dedicated team for off-page optimization that includes link building, social bookmarking and getting backlinks from other websites using automated tools or manual methods such as article marketing.

On-Page SEO (Website Optimization)

We take care of on page optimization services in order to make our customers' website search engine friendly. We include correct meta tags, titles and descriptions into their web pages so that they can rank higher on various search engines.

YouTube SEO

Our team of experienced video content marketers creates long-tail keywords and channels descriptions, uploads videos regularly, optimizes the title, tags and description of the video

Local SEO

We offer local search engine optimization (local SEO) services for any kind of business such as listing your business on Google my Business, Bing Places for Business and creating a Yelp profile. We rank your website in Google Malaysia result pages and help you achieve the highest number of reviews on the top platforms like Google and Facebook.

Technical SEO

We offer technical SEO services to solve the website loading speed. Website having slow load time shows a bad user experience which in turn affects your ranking on Google searches and traffic. So we improve your site's speed by doing various activities like optimizing images & compression of CSS and JS files to boost up the page load time etc.

SEO Audit

We offer an in-depth SEO audit that includes both On-Page and Off-Page aspects. We help you to eliminate the duplicate content with an option to rewrite it in a better way. We check all your links whether they are working or not (Broken link) and suggest you create 301 redirects for those broken links. We optimize your page title, meta description and image tags so that Google can index them properly.

Online Reputation Management Service (ORM)

Our service is meant for helping business owners who have been hit by negative articles due to competition or other reasons. There are times when businesses go beyond doing their work and post malicious articles about their competitors just to get more clients. Such things don't sit well.


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